Contract Development, Manufacturing and Packaging With a Commitment to Quality/

Contract Development/

Achieve a Partnership Focused on Success in Development/

AiPing’s proven Research & Development (R&D) and formulation development expertise is focused on oral solid dosage forms, including soft gels. AiPing’s team of experienced scientists possess decades of knowledge and skill that enable our customers to achieve success in a time efficient manner.

AiPing provides a full range of services from the commencement of product development through to registration and approval, with the appropriate analytics and testing. The “right solution” is the one that most directly addresses the specific needs of your molecule, timeline and budget. This is true of everything we do, and vividly demonstrated by our unique solutions.

These highly customizable pharmaceutical development offerings, seamlessly bring together core capabilities and proprietary technologies from across functional areas to overcome your most critical challenges – solubility, bioavailability, and accelerated proof of concept. No other CDMO can help you achieve your goals with more speed, efficiency, quality and value than AiPing. AiPing provides the following contract development services on behalf of our clients at a competitive rate.

Soft Gels


Manufacture to Advance Your Formulation/

AiPing Pharmaceutical is a leading contract developer and manufacturer of Rx and OTC products globally. Via our collaboration with Baheal Pharma in China, we can offer manufacturing capabilities with osmotic pump technology, granulation and solvent coating. Together with our clients, AiPing is rapidly turning pharmaceutical possibilities into reality. With a focus on oral solid dose, including tablets, capsules, and soft gels, AiPing is a partner that you can trust to deliver. AiPing’s dosage form capabilities include:

  • Softgels
  • Softgel Twist Off
  • Chewable softgels
  • Enteric coating
  • Tablets and Capsules
  • Fast dissolution gelatin
  • Fluid bed granulation & drying
  • Aqueous film & functional coating
  • High shear & low shear granulation


Quality is Imperative to Stay in the Game/

Success in business is based on trust, especially in pharmaceuticals. Quality is at the core of everything we do. AiPing has earned the trust of companies around the world. Trust earned through regulatory compliance, exceptional Customer Service performance, and with safe and effective products. While our ability to generate time and cost efficiency has earned us business from every corner of the industry, it is our uncompromising quality that builds our client relationships and strategic partnerships.

Adherence to all applicable regulatory requirements and the highest industry standards is a commitment that AiPing makes to itself and its clients. AiPing employees are committed to maintaining quality at all times. AiPing ensures compliance by continuous improvement and ongoing monitoring of the quality systems.

Contract Packaging/

AiPing Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a full turnkey supplier that provided efficient and cost-effective packaging options for oral solid dose products, including soft gels. Our services include primary, secondary and tertiary packaging coupled with stability testing and analytical support.

AiPing will work to achieve the preferred packaging requirements of our customers.

Our packaging services include:

  • Bottling
  • Blistering
  • Cartoning
  • Sacheting


AiPing partners with reliable, internationally recognized suppliers/

AiPing’s supply chain leverages leading, responsible, internationally recognized suppliers to ensure a quality finished product. Our supply chain has the necessary controls in place to ensure processes compliance. Additionally, our network of facilities allows AiPing to optimize material flow to ensure an on-time delivery of product to our customers.


The AiPing Team is an Extension of Our Client’s Team – Working Together towards One Common Goal/

AiPing Pharmaceutical is a competent and efficient partner that works as an extension of our customer’s team to achieve a common goal. Our dedicated support services and project management group is available to assist with execution of all programs in a time efficient manner.

The AiPing team will provide guidance, advice, and support throughout the project timeline to ensure ultimate product compliance and delivery of a quality product, with the appropriate documentation.