Leader in Generics/

AiPing is an emerging generic pharmaceutical company, actively developing both OTC and Rx products for the US and Canadian markets. With its formulation labs at global company headquarters in Long Island, New York and at its facility in Zhongshan, China, the company is well qualified to develop national brand equivalent OTC products and generic equivalents to US and Canadian national brand drug products.

Utilizing its FDA approved, solid oral dose plant in Zhongshan, China, Aiping is in a strong position to development, manufacture and supply valuable generic products on behalf of its clients and customers.

The company is developing and filing its own portfolio of ANDA products (for the US market), ANDS products (for the Canadian market) as well as developing USP Monograph products for the US OTC market. Together with its global partners, Aiping is also bringing to these markets a host of other Rx products that are being co-developed or licensed to AiPing to be sold under the AiPing label.

Innovation in Contract Development & Manufacturing/

Further, AiPing offers its services to the industry as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Operation (CDMO) with global operations dedicated to all aspects of product development and commercialization. Committed to outstanding core values, quality processes, and customer service, AiPing offers a comprehensive range of services spanning all phases and scales. AiPing’s  staff is comprised of regulatory experts in different markets, product developers, innovative formulators and a strong sales and marketing team to ensure end-to-end supply chain solutions for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. AiPing Pharmaceutical operates with more than 450 employees, and a growing number of dedicated research laboratories to ensure the delivery of next generation products and services to its global customer base in the Rx and OTC products.


Globally Approved & Situated R&D, Manufacturing, & Commercial Operations/

AiPing delivers products to its customers from state-of-the-art facilities in the USA and China. Products are successfully sold on the global market, together with the efforts of AiPing Canada, the Sales and Marketing division of our company.

Furthermore, a promise of quality complements each purchase order that is delivered. AiPing’s operations and facilities are strategically located globally to ensure ongoing development and uninterrupted supply of product to our customers. AiPing is here to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.